Preston Innovations Mag Store System 30 & 38cm Hooklength Box


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Preston Innovations Mag Store 30 & 38cm Hooklength Box

The Mag Store System uses magnets to locate each individual Rig Stick in the system box (8-10 Rig Sticks supplied in each system depending on size), allowing you to swap and change their location within the box and add new Rig Sticks that you have tied different hooklengths to.

This larger Mag Store System is extremely versatile as it enables you to store all 3 Rig Stick lengths giving you more options in one hook box.

There are a whole host of features on the new Mag Store System. A weatherproof rubber gasket helps to keep the inside of the box dry at all times while the dual identification points make locating the correct box easy. The system is constructed from high grade materials from the impact resistant plastic casing through to stainless hinges.


8 Rig Sticks

Waterproof Rubber Gasket

Ribbed Rig Stick for increased hooklength stability

Multi Rig Stick storage for improved versatility

Reinforced fibreglass Rig Sticks eliminates bending/warping

Strong Neo Pro magnets

Dual Identification Slots

Impact Resistant Plastic Case


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Weight1.00 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 5 cm



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