Nash Indulgence Big Daddy Chair


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Sharing identical features but with differing frame dimensions the Big Daddy and Daddy Long Legs sit higher than other chairs,making them easier to get into and more importantly also to get out of!

They are a design welcomed by any carpers beyond their 30s and renowned across Europe for being one of the most popular chairs of all time.

Product Information

Micro fleece sculpted inner mattress with

peachskin camo skirt

Easy grip hand wheel adjustment for rake

Memory foam head section with

embossed Indulgence logo

One touch spring loaded leg mechanism

with mud feet

Locking pins for rear legs

Padded, removable peachskin arm covers

Raised front legs for comfort



Indulgence Big Daddy

59cm (w) x 51cm (d) x 55cm (height of back)

Leg adjustment 39-55cm

Weight: 9.2kg


Additional information

Weight6.00 kg
Dimensions70 × 50 × 15 cm





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