Korda Zig Line 100m Spool


These have an extraordinarily low diameter which makes it harder for the fish to see mid-water, or even on the surface due to its reduced silhouette on the waters bottom, they also have superb camouflage properties that are aided by its tinted green colour. When it comes to tying up your rigs, they are a perfect choice of hook link material and is purposely designed for this type of situation, as well as being great for floater fishing. They have a reduced stretch, which helps when it comes to hooking fish on the surface, and it is low diameter for its breaking strain at just Despite these properties it is still quite tough and has a very high knot strength as long as you are careful, with Palomar and knotless knots being ideal.   Features: Low Diameter 100m Spool Reduced stretch Available in 7, 9 & 11lb breaking strains 100m spools Specification:   Breaking Strain: 7lb – Diameter: 0.22mm Breaking Strain: 9lb – Diameter: 0.25mm Breaking Strain: 11lb – Diameter: 0.28mm.  


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