Korda KD Carp Rigs x3 Packs


Korda KD Carp Rigs  – Designed by one of the best anglers on the circuit, Kenny Dorsett, the KD rig is ultra effective. Most of the guys at Korda incorporate this presentation into their fishing due to the magnificent hook holds that it creates; whether it’s as the shot-on-the hair, snowman, or muzza rig. The hook is whipped on at such an aggressive angle that the carp find it practically impossible to eject when sucked in. Due to the way that the hair protrudes out the back of the hook’s eye, you’re causing the hook point to become heavier, allowing it to drop quicker into the bottom lip unlike many rigs out there. To ensure that the presentation is at its best, you must use it in conjunction with a slow-sinking hook bait. This can either be a purpose-made, neutrally-balanced hook bait or a pop-up anchored by placing a split shot on the hair. Both are just as good. Many anglers here at Korda also place cork inside a bottom bait to create what is known as the ‘muzza’. Available in sizes 6-10 in barbed and barbless. Comes supplied with FREE EXTENDA STOPS with each rig.


Earn up to 6 Points.

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