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The Korda ‘action packs’ are designed to give you all the components that you need for a particular set-up, all in one pack. The Dark Matter Lead Clip Action Pack allows you to create five complete lead clip set-ups, including tubing, with the option to fish them either running, or semi-fixed if you insert the retaining pin into the lead clip to fix the swivel inside it. The brand new lead clips featured in this pack come with two holes –the top one is usedfor securing any size 8 swivel in place; whilst the lower one is compatible with a Kwik Link.This safe, anti-tangle system allows the lead to discharge should it become snagged whilst playing a fish. The pack includes: 5 x Lead Clips; 5 x Tail Rubbers; 5x size 8 Ring Swivels; 10 x retaining pins; 2m of Dark Matter Anti Tangle Tubing. Three different colours are available –weed, gravel, or silt


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