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In any scenario where weed or snags come into play this should definitely be your first choice to spool up with. For such a tough mono, it behaves well on the spool and casts well, plus gives a very high knot strength.

If you’re looking for a tough, reliable mono that won’t cost you the earth, then this is definitely the one for you!

During testing, it has already become a firm favourite with those who got their hands on the samples, including Elliott Gray and it is now his top choice when fishing with mono.

It will handle weed, gravel bars and mussels better than most, but if there are signs of abrasion then it is also cheap to re-spool, as it comes on 1000m spools.

It sinks well, even more so once it has been used a few times, and is a nice subtle SUB-green colour which blends in well with most lake beds and is hard to see even in clear water.

The low stretch factor makes it ideal for feeling the lead down to the bottom and making sure you get that ‘donk’ and are confident in where your rig has landed.

Damian Clarke, who was involved in designing it, enthused: “With lots of our products, especially ones such as this, we work with some of the best manufacturers in the world.

“These guys are pushing the boundaries in manufacturing to create thinner, lighter and more technically advanced monofilaments, but with these, they have taken a step back.

“Some anglers just wanted something simple and reliable, a does what it says on the tin product, so this product was born!”

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