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In common with most bite alarms, the Radar DSi alarm system has been designed and developed in Europe, but the big difference is that ours are also manufactured in Europe. All the components of both the alarms and the receiver, including the microprocessor, LED’s, Sensors and even the housing are European made. This will ensure that users will not suffer any of the performance problems that are so common with most alarms after purchase.
These alarms feature a smart visual LED column system that differentiates between a run and a drop back so that the angler can easily recognise the direction of line travel. A run (forward movement) is indicated by LEDs that begin to switch on and off from the base of the LED column upwards and by the 2 LEDs at the top of the column latching, and remaining lit for a few seconds. Conversely, a drop back is indicated by LEDSs running downwards and the LEDs at the bottom of the column remaining latched for a few seconds.

Sensitivity control (line movement is measured from 4mm up to 15cm)
Fully encapsulated electronics
Tone control
Volume control
Mute option
Multi function visual indication consisting of LED column
30 second latching time
Visiual indication of run or drop back via LED column
2 power out sockets
Compact 11 x 5cm size
Extended battery life – up to 1200 hours of fishing
1 x LR1 1.5v battery (supplied)
nightlight mode option
Non slip rod seat
2 power out base sockets for illuminated swinger or hanger, plus other accessories
Supplied with protective slip on cover

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