Guru Mick Wilkinson Margin Diamond Pole Float -Set of 5-


You might have seen these being tested for a while now, and finally they’re here for the peak margin fishing time! Designed with big fish in mind, for catching down the edge. The Margin Diamonds sit super stable thanks to the body shape combined with a thick 0.9mm fibreglass stem, which is also incredibly strong running all the way through the float and into the tip. This is essential when margin fishing, as big fish often waft the water and bait around all over, and having a float that sits stable aids presentation massively! The tip itself is thick hollow plastic in 2.5mm, so you can see and read the float perfectly well when fishing against cover. It’s also ideal for supporting large baits for big fish – bunches of maggots, worms, double corn, 8mm pellets and meat won’t drag the float under. The side eye on the float is super durable and ensures presentation is perfect. The lighter 0.1g and 0.2g versions are ideal for when you’re looking for a slow falling bait, maybe loose feeding some bait. The heavier 0.3g and 0.4g versions are suited to pinning a bait down when there are lots of big fish swirling around in the swim.

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