Fox Halo Illuminated Marker Pole – 2 Pole Kit inc. Remote


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Designed for anglers that use boats for baiting up/rig placement and to be left out in lake to mark areas that you are fishing

Huge development on other marker poles currently on the market

Increased wall thickness makes these poles much stronger and hard-wearing (other weaker versions on the market prone to breaking when trying to manoeuvre them out of the boat. This also happens when positioning them in the lake with the weight attached the poles often bend and break0

Supplied with a 2.5kg weight, which is much heavier than all other alternatives which average 1.5-1.8kg and have a tendency to move out of place during extreme weather. Our 2.5kg weight has been tested rigorously in the harshest conditions and will definitely hold down all 7 meters of supplied pole, with enough extra weight that the system isn’t easily moved by weed, debris or water movement

Poles supplied: 4 x 1m, 1 x 0.5m, 2 x 0.75m (all 22mm diameter) and 1 x 1m top section (27mm diameter) – totalling 7m

Supplied with removable illuminating multi-colour capsule that has six colour options: red/green/blue/amber/purple/white

For longest battery life Red, Green and Blue are the best colours with approximate life of 130 hours, whilst Amber, Purple and White will have battery life of approximately 75 hours

Capsule standby life (capsule on but LED off) is approx. 552 hours/23 days (with quality new batteries)

Capsule lights can be turned on and off via Halo Remote (range of 350m in clear line of sight)

Capsule Hanging Adaptor supplied to allow Capsule to be hung on its own from a tree etc on far bank or on an island

Also supplied with 1 x carry case and 1 x blanking cap (translucent Fox orange colour for when you don’t require illuminated system)


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Weight8.00 kg
Dimensions110 × 15 × 15 cm




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