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The Black label range of bankware has been re-designed and improved for 2020. The range now incorporates our Quick Release QR mechanism that makes changing your alarms/buzzbars/pod etc effortless. The QR system comprises of a QR Pod and a QR base. The QR pod screws onto your Buzzers, Butt Rests, buzz bars etc and can drop into any QR base on whatever QR buzz bar or bankstick you choose. Switching from buzzbars to single sticks or a pod has never been this easier. With this system just getting your alarms and bankware from inside your luggage to setup ready for your rods seems almost graceful.

All buzz bars feature the new Quick Release (QR) system for your alarms or butt rests.

Alarms and rear rests can be attached to the buzz bars and released by a simple twist of the knurled collar.

Alarms can be added to or moved between 2 or 3 rod buzz bars or single sticks instantly

Perfect for the angler that fishes a variety of waters with different rod limits

QR system makes it easy to separate 3 rods on one buzz bar onto a 2 rod buzz bar and a single stick, if fishing a rod away from the main zone

The additional benefit of the QR system is that it allows the perfect alignment of alarms and rear rests without the need to use spacing washers that can loosen or compress over time.

Buzz bars feature a standard thread to attach to none QR banksticks

To make entire buzz bar quick release simply screw onto a QR bankstick and use the collar to “quick release” the bars.

16mm Black Anodized Aluminium construction

Adjustable buzz bars feature new reduced size and restyled Cam Lok with superior performance and looks

In the range there is:

2 Rod narrow (95mm/110mm)

2 Rod standard (115mm/130mm)

2 Rod Adjustable (150mm/180mm)

3 Rod narrow (190mm/220mm)

3 Rod standard(230mm/260mm)

3 Rod Adjustable (230mm/260mm)

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Dimensions30 × 20 × 10 cm





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