ESP Cryogen Classic Barbed/Barbless Hooks



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ESP Cryogen Classic Barbed/Barbless Hooks

The Classic features a longer, finer straight point which is slightly more inclined towards the shank. This fine ultra-sharp point combined with the slick PTFE Tufflon coating ensures excellent hook holds. The 13-degree in-turned eye provides excellent anti-eject properties and is a highly versatile pattern for a wide range of presentations.

Over three years of development and the last two years spent thoroughly field testing prototype samples has culminated in the launch of a new range of hooks that we believe sets a new standard in strength and point durability.

New manufacturing techniques including both high temperature and cryogenic tempering have produced significantly stronger hooks with more durable, long life points. Cryogenic tempering is a process used to improve the molecular structure of steel which in turn reduces stress and improves strength and wear resistance. It is used in many disciplines with Formula 1 engine parts being a classic example.

Bench tests on initial samples proved to us that the new tempering processes combined with improved designs and heavy forging resulted in hooks that were 25-30% stronger than other Tufflon coated carp hooks in the same wire gauge. So rather than having to improve strength by simply increasing wire gauge, new manufacturing processes have allowed us to maintain optimum wire gauges for each size which allow for fine, ultra-sharp needle points which are now more durable than ever.


Three years of development

Cryogenically tempered

Incredibly strong

Durable ultra sharp needle points

Tufflon coated

Straight point inclined towards the shank

13-degree in-turned eye

Excellent anti-eject properties

Highly versatile pattern


Additional information

Weight0.10 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 1 cm


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Carp Fishing


10 per pack


Barbed, Barbless


10, 4, 6, 7, 8

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