Drennan Series 7 Feeder 9-40 Reel


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The rear drag mechanism on this reel is incredibly smooth thanks to the introduction of eight ball bearings, as well as one additional clutch bearing. Ball bearings significantly reduce the friction between the moving parts of the reel, not only ensuring smoothness but also increasing the lifespan of the reel itself. The gear ratio is 5.2:1, making it ideal for all forms of feeder fishing.
The reel comes supplied with one alloy spool of 38mm fitted on the reel, as well as two additional composite spools of 40mm and 42mm respectively. All the spools are able to hold 100m of line, between 4lb and 10lb, without the need for backing.
These spools are all fitted with rubber inserts on the front of the spool, indicating the line breaking strain you are using – a feature that many anglers have found incredibly useful. The spools also have an indentation point on them, which has been designed in order to neatly house the line knot when spooling up with line.

Series 7 Feeder 9-40 Reel (Includes 38mm aluminium spool)
Spare 40mm composite spool
Spare 42mm composite spool
Set of rubber line identification marker buttons
Ultra smooth rear drag
Push button spools
One touch folding handle
5.2 to 1 gear ratio
8 bearings plus 1 one-way clutch bearing
Instant, silent anti-reverse

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