Drennan Power Pull Control Core Pole Elastic 6m


POWER PULL is an advanced performance solid core pole elastic which provides better stretch and recovery, better long life durability and better fish playing power. The material has an extra smooth surface finish which helps to ensure its tough durability.  Its elongation and recovery is excellent and it seems to power up when extended and playing bigger fish.  For its strength it is low diameter and light weight and in its larger sizes it has proved excellent for playing bigger carp. The 6 metres is enough to elasitcate two full length top-2s and POWER PULL is available in 8 accurate diameters and colours. The Range:1.0mm AQUA1.2mm PINK1.4mm YELLOW1.6mm GREEN1.8mm RED2.0mm BLUE2.2mm PURPLE2.4mm ORANGE

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