Drennan Carbon Feeder 1m Fluorocarbon Feeder Hooklengths


Carbon Feeder 1 metre fluorocarbon feeder hook lengths are perfect for big fish and big baits such as flake, worms, sweetcorn and bunches of maggots and casters. Fishing the hook bait a full metre from the feeder often results in more bites especially on clear rivers and still waters. Once the coil has been unwound always stretch and smooth out the hook length for perfect presentation. 8 Hooklengths per packet. FLUOROCARBON FEATURES: Virtually invisible in water. Abrasion resistant. Stiffer, straighter and less prone to ‘spinning up’ than Mono. CARBON FEEDER HOOK FEATURES: BronzeRound bendMicro barbedForgedReversedShort shankChemically etched long needle point


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