Cygnet Prodding Stick V2


If you employ a boat in your fishing, you simply can’t afford to be without our Prodding Stick. Simply screw the sections together to find the depth (up to 4.8m/16ft) via the easily read markers. Then the Stick will transmit the feel of the bottom substrate to easily identify gravel, clay, silt and feeding spots. Such is the Pole’s sensitivity, you can even find subtle variations within areas to pinpoint feeding spots with complete precision. Features: Ergonomic handle for comfortable usage, in dayglow orange so the Prodding Stick can easily be used as a marker. Adjustable handle strap so you won’t drop your Prodding Stick. 4 x 4ft (1.2m) screw-together sections enable depths of over 16ft (4.8m) to be measured with ease thanks to clear depth markings, in both metric and imperial measurements. Disc tip insert for normal usage. Pointed tip insert to convert the Prodding Stick in to a marker pole once you have found your chosen spot. Stainless Steel male and female threaded, riveted ferrulesComes supplied with purpose-built carry case.

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