Avid Ready Tied Pin Down Leaders


Many Anglers put their upmost faith in our incredibly popular Avid Ready Tied Pin Down Leaders. Its unrivaled strength, suppleness and camouflage properties put it in a league of its own. These Pre-Tied Leaders incorporate our Outline Camo End Tackle which remains unobtrusive in any situation you are likely to face. Having strong and reliable components gives you the upmost confidence which will put more Carp on the bank. Helicopter style leader perfectly suited to Chods and Helicopter set ups3 x 75 cm Spliced 50lbs Pindown offering maximum suppleness and strengthQC size 11 ring swivels incorporated to make easy work of changing rigsOutline Camo components used throughout for maximum CamouflageSuper safe leader set up, the bead system allows the top bead to be positioned anywhere along the leaders length, perfect when you are unsure of the terrain you are fishing overSpliced for maximum strength and safety


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