Avid Armorok Wide Gape Hooks


The Avid Armorok Wide Gape Hooks features some of the latest manufacturing processes and materials available. Using a high-grade carbon steel, Armorok Hooks use the highest ratio of carbon to steel possible. The result is a stronger, more durable & higher quality finish. Armorok Hooks are finished with a premium grade super smooth PTFE coating which not only improves hook discretion, but increases penetration speed by up to 50%.   The needle-sharp point is the result of the very latest market-leading technology & unique point grinding process, chemically sharpened to perfection. The Armorok Wide Gape hook features a beaked point, wide gape between the shank & the point and carries a 10 degree in-turned eye. With this combination of features, the Armorok Wide Gape provides superb hooking potential, long-lasting durability and ultimate reliability when it really matters.   The Armorok Wide Gape is best suited for bottom bait & pop-up rigs and is capable of handling the biggest of carp.    High-grade carbon steel Premium grade PTFE coating Unique point grinding process Super strong & durable 10 per pack


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