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Deeper Smart Sonar Pro

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO is a wireless, castable echo-sounder compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Wi-Fi connection enabled to maximize both the distance between the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO and the device holder up to 330ft/100 m and the depth range up to 260ft/80 m. Advanced high-frequency technology enables the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO to quickly transfer more accurate data. The higher scanning frequency allows the device to capture faster moving objects and the scanning resolution measures smallest of objects – all to deliver the highest quality echo-sounder data available in a single, compact wireless unit. Supplied with: 2 x Bolt Attachments USB wire and Mini Pouch Features: Casting range 100 meters / yards Depth range 70 meters Wi-Fi connection Higher scanning frequency 15/s Richer high resolution Filtered out noise and improved sensitivity of sonar beam App Features: Fishing calendar Camera function Weather Forecast Fishing Notes Offline maps Unlimited history