New In – Preston Innovations Ascension Feeder Rods

The new Preston Innovations Ascension Feeder Rods  is a family of rods designed to excel at natural water fishing. Beautiful crisp actions that give you the correct casting action to suit each rod length whilst retaining stunning fish playing actions. Ascension continues Preston Innovations legendary reputation for producing rods!

International anglers Lee Kerry and Arnout Van De Stadt played a key role in developing the Ascension series. They demanded a rod range that would cope with fishing all venues in Europe and, with their help, Ascension has delivered.

The 3.2m and 3.4m rods are beautiful rods for short range work. They feature soft actions perfect for targeting roach, skimmers, and bream at short to medium range.

Looking for a top all-rounder? The 3.6m 60g Ascension is simply incredible. Featuring a dynamic action that allows a large range of feeders to be fished at 60metres whilst retaining a subtle touch for playing fish.

If longer casts are required, then the 3.8m 80g and 4.0m 120g will deliver the performance needed.

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