First Impressions – Sonik SubSonik Monofilament Line

Sonik has now become a well-established brand, known for offering incredible value for money with all their products, but will they be able to crack the line market on their first attempt? Introducing the new SubSonik line, which has been designed for all applications of carp fishing, whether it be edge work, snag fishing, PVA bag work or distance casting.

One of the striking things with this line, is the diameter for the breaking strain with 15lb only having a diameter of 0.31mm compared to 0.35-0.40mm with a lot of other lines on the market. However, when you feel the line, it doesn’t feel like it has been overrated in any way, and a quick rub along the table shows that the line is very abrasive resistant, so should be able to deal with any snags.

Also strikingly apparent is the limited stretch factor in the line, which will help when fishing at range of close to snags as any indication will be amplified quickly through the line, thus registering quicker on the indicator and alarm. Available in three colours (Green, Brown and Camo) with a clear version due for release later  in 2021, there is a line in the range to cover every situation

It is available in either 1200m spools which will easily do three big pit reels, or a monstrous 3000m bulk spool, for those who like to buy in bulk. Lastly, and to some the most important thing is the price! So, as I have been waxing lyrical about this product and comparing to other market leaders you would expect it to have a big price to match, but for a 1200m spool it will set up back £14.99, around £5.00 less than a lot of the more established big hitters.

So, it seems like this line ticks all the boxes, and only time will tell if this line matches the expectation but based on first impressions it is one to watch and give a go!

Three Word Review: One to Watch!


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