***First Impressions – Preston Innovations Centris NT Reels***

When it comes to reels, and especially match sized fishing reels, Preston Innovations is maybe not a company that will immediately spring to mind. However, with the company towards the forefront of almost every other aspect of match fishing it was only a matter of time till the company had a go at taking on the established market leaders in the reel market. That is not to say that their current reels are not good products, but it is fair to say that this new reel is very much a different beast to anything it has manufactured before.

Introducing the Centris NT Reel Range, a product that is over 2 years in the making and after being extensively tested by their array of consultants, Preston Innovations now feel that they have created a reel that is perfect for all match anglers.

The reel itself is made is made of the finest grade materials, which aids the longevity of the reel through repeated use. When you first take the reel out of the box, you will notice that the reel is quite light and compact for it size compared to similar sized reels, yet when you turn the handle the reel action is very smooth and there is still plenty of winding power. This is due to Powerdrive mechanism, Preston Innovations have developed.

What is Powerdrive? Put simply it comprises of a super slow oscillation worm shaft, something that is commonly incorporated on larger carp reels to give extra winding power, but to my knowledge it is one of the first match reels to incorporate this technology. I can see this being particularly effective when speed fishing on the feeder on venues in Ireland or when reeling in and out constantly when fishing methods such as the pellet waggler.

Another well thought out aspect of the reel is the bail arm. This has been made from a material called nickel titanium (NiTi), which allows the bail arm to bend under pressure yet not get damaged. This will be particularly effective when packing rods away, as I have been guilty of damaging reels when trying to squeeze them into my rod bag, as I am sure others have been. Another little feature of the bail arm, which will help the longevity of the reels is that they have made the bail arm thinner than other reels on the market, although this may not appear exceptionally different, the thinner bail arm has a smaller surface area so it is less likely for groundbait to accumulate and when fishing multiple days consecutively on events, I am sure this will be a godsend.

All reels in the range are supplied with a spare spool, something that is becoming a rarer occurrence on reels nowadays. Not only that, when it comes to changing spools it is as easy as pressing the button at the top of the reel, nice and simple!

Another feature of the reel is the double line clip, which although may appear as a bit of a gimmick at first, will be particularly useful with the increase in feeder fishing and the need to fish multiple lines accurately throughout a session and this double line clip allows this to be done with ease.

The question is though, do you have it with a single handle or a double handle? Well you don’t have to worry about that as these new reels are supplied with both a single or double handle so no matter what you prefer you will be able to use the reel in the most comfortable configuration for you.

The reel is available in three different sizes; 320, 420 and 520. These will cover any eventuality from float tactics, to casting feeders to the horizon, and with a price of £154.99 – £164.99, you get a lot of quality for the money. I am sure that I will start seeing more of these reels popping up on the banks in the near future and maybe this time next year, when you think of reels, Preston Innovations may be one of the first companies on your mind.

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