***First Impressions – Fox Ultra Brolly System***

After the sheer popularity of the cult status Supa Brolly Systems, it was always going to take something special from Fox to improve this long-standing product.

Introducing the Ultra Brolly System, although not a completely revolutionary product as the original Supa brolly system was. The Ultra Brolly System is the next stage in the evolution of brolly systems, with Fox addressing the issues from its predecessor to create a product that not only looks the part, but is incredibly functional and should make time on the bankside more comfortable.

The first new feature on these new systems is the incorporation of a new internal layer on the inside of the brolly called a vapour shield. This Vapour Shield is removable, but can be left in place in the brolly when packed away, and although it doesn’t prevent condensation, the vapour shield will prevent condensation from dripping on you, and we all know how irritating that can be especially in the middle of the night!

The other main feature on this product is a complete change in the material. On the Supa Brolly Systems, on a small % of brollies the material was prone to tears, which inevitably lead to leaking. These new Ultra Brolly Systems now incorporate the Ven-Tec Rip Stop material, which is much thicker and tougher and is already used on the much-acclaimed Fox Retreat+ Bivvy Range. The other advantage of using this material is the 20,000mm hydrostatic head rating, which compared to the 6,000 rating on the Supa Brolly System, should cover you no matter what the British Weather may throw at you.

Other new features include a Button Release STS equipped mechanism that allows for maximum headroom, which is imperative when sitting on your bedchair while surveying the water. Rear Mozzy Mesh Vents aid airflow on those seldom warm and humid days and to aid packing away there are protective caps to secure the side storm poles, so you don’t have to worry about them rattling around. Another little touch is the addition of a heavy-duty groundsheet, so you can use a groundsheet no matter what the make-up of the bank. Furthermore, the systems are now available in both khaki and camo as standard, so no matter what your preference there is no need to compromise!

To conclude, the Fox Ultra Brolly System looks like a good improvement on its predecessor and rather than rebadging an old product, the improvements that Fox have made appear to have made an already good product even better and I can see a lot of people currently with Supa Brolly Systems upgrading to the Ultra Brolly System in the near future.

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