Featured Product of the Day – Nash Siren R4 Alarms

These new Nash Siren R4 Alarms are jam packed full of new features, which are sure to take bite alarms to a new level! Check out some of the features below…

Accurate high power remote performance – over 750 metres subject to atmospheric conditions
Receiver is rechargeable via USB – C, guide run time between charges is 20 weeks
Remote activation of Homecoming Mode – range up to 750 metres subject to atmospheric conditions
Alarms are powered by 2 x AAA batteries for the anglers convenience
Never has an alarm been able to screen out non-events to this degree before. It’s Intelligent Sensing made even more intelligent.
Roller wheel sensing; speed sensing; wave sensing; drift sensing safeguard
New Night Glo range of indicators connect directly to the casing of R4 alarm heads
Matt black soft touch rubber finish
Eight options for adjusting tone and volume
Five sensitivity settings for all conditions and environments
Variable LED colour output – Red, Blue, White, Green or Purple

Available in 2 rod, 3 rod or 4 rod sets.

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